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Our proprietary Body + Mag formula provides all the same benefits as our unscented essential antiodorant, with the added nourishment of magnesium.


Why Add Magnesium?

Magnesium is a powerful mineral that benefits the skin in a broad spectrum of ways. Firstly, it helps reduce cortisol production (a contributing factor in hormonal acne). Secondly, it lowers histamine levels and detoxifies the skin mantle, reducing inflammation that may be caused by allergies, sun sensitivity, psoriasis, and other conditions. And last but not least, magnesium has been proven to enhance both skin elasticity and moisture levels.


But the benefits of our Body+Mag formula don’t end there. Our product also makes it possible to absorb magnesium in the most effective way— via the skin! This is called transdermal absorption, and it allows this incredible mineral to begin working it’s magic almost instantly.


When you spritz your Willow Hygiene Body+Mag each morning, you’re ensuring your body receives a healthy dose of the all-natural magnesium it needs to function at its best.



Body+Mag – Unscented

  • Spritz 2-3 times on desired area. You may experience a slight tingling sensation if you use these products after shaving your armpits. This is normal and it will quickly dissipate. Also, remember that it is okay if your underarms are a little damp. Dampness does not mean there will be odor! Your essential body scent antiodorant will remove all bacteria, leaving you fresh and clean.

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