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the willow team

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and for us this couldn’t be more true. 


Our founders, Charmain and Rae Farrell, first learned about the potentially harmful effects of common deodorant and antiperspirant ingredients back in 2018. Immediately, they began further educating themselves about the dangers of aluminum and the importance of the body’s natural perspiration process.


Valuing their health, they decided to seek out a natural alternative to deodorant (which they’d been using all their lives), only to realize there were very few effective solutions to choose from.


Many of the all-natural body odor treatments available in the US failed to truly eliminate odor. Others did, but upon further research were not as “natural” as they claimed to be, and affected the skin in various ways (rashes, irritation, etc). 


This was when Rae decided to utilize his endless curiosity and start investigating the possibility of a new solution. Bringing in Sasha Parra and Nick Chavez with everyone's dedication and hard work as a team. We bring you Willow Hygiene.


The rest, of course, is history.

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our name

The Willow Tree is a symbol of nature’s strength, adaptability, and resiliency. It is also a provider of salicylic acid (one of two active ingredients used in Willow Hygiene products). Furthermore, the willow tree is capable of growing roots that span more than 50 feet beneath the ground in order to absorb the water and nutrients it needs, and we see this as another wonderful example of how nature is capable of providing us with pure, simple solutions that better our health and the environment.


The purpose of the Willow Hygiene brand is to inspire consumers to seek out pure, organically-derived products that work with the body’s natural bioprocesses.

our purpose

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OUR promise

We will always keep it natural and simple for our customers. This means using the minimum amount of organic ingredients and only producing 100% water-based formulas. 


It also means sourcing our materials and ingredients from environmentally responsible sources, never testing our products on animals, and investing in refillable, eco-friendly packaging that minimizes container waste.


If you have any questions or concerns about our promise to you, we encourage you to reach out to us. We’re always happy to provide additional information to our valued customers.


We don’t just want our all-natural antiodorants to be healthy, simple, and pure. We also want the process by which we make our products to embrace these values. 


We have taken the time to fine-tune our formulation methods and optimize our production, all in an effort to eliminate pollution of the environment and ensure our products are as safe and as pure as they can possibly be.

These goals are achieved through three primary production stages:


We seek out only the highest quality, purified water for our all-natural body odor treatments. The water we use in our products has been refined to remove all harmful chemicals, including fluoride, chlorine, chloramine arsenic, and other unwanted contaminants that many water treatment plants fail to remove.


Since our all-natural antiodorants require so few ingredients, we work with only a handful of trusted suppliers. These suppliers are subjected to our strict quality control standards to ensure our products remain 100% organic and safe for bodily use.

Quality Control

We believe our small batch approach to manufacturing is a significant part of what allows us to produce the best antiperspirant alternative for our valued customers. Each batch of Willow Hygiene products is overseen from start to finish by a single formulator, who is required to sign off on each batch prior to packaging. This eliminates confusion in the production line and ensures consistency at all times. 


Interested in Learning More About Us?

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