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the willow hygiene collection

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We created this collection for you. 


You care about what you put on your skin. You’re making an effort to be a more mindful consumer. And you want to prioritize your health— not just in the obvious ways, but in every decision you make regarding your body.


The long list of unfamiliar ingredients listed on the cosmetics you’re currently using genuinely concerns you. Sure, these products work... but at what cost?


You’re ready to find a truly natural solution. You want products that will still neutralize body odor and other unwanted scents, without the “what if’s” that come with the chemicals and “mystery ingredients” found in mainstream cosmetics.


You don’t just want an aluminum-free antiperspirant or a natural deodorant. You want a 100% water-based, cruelty free, all-natural antiodorant. 


You want purity, protection, and peace of mind. 


And that’s precisely what our patent-pending Willow Hygiene products deliver.


We’re excited to share this collection with you. We hope it’s everything you’ve been searching for. 

I love the Willow Sport/Fabric.  Especially the fresh laundered scent it left on my pillows and bed spread after I sprayed them. It’s a really nice soft scent and kills the ‘just slept on’ smell that often lingers on my pillows and sheets.

- Shiela F, Willow Hygiene customer


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Willow Hygiene products were created with conscious consumers in mind. If you’ve been questioning what’s really in the antiperspirants, deodorants, and fabric refreshers you use each day, we’re confident you’ll be impressed by the purity and efficacy of our all-natural antiodorants.


What Makes Willow Hygiene the Best Antiperspirant Alternative in America?

We’re glad you asked. We love speaking about the science behind our all-natural body odor remedy. For us, all-natural antiodorants are more than just a business— they’re a revolution.

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