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The irresistibly inviting scent we all know and love, enriched ever-so-slightly with touches of Kaffir lime, lemon zest, baby powder, and white musk. This airy, whimsical fragrance adds just the right amount of freshness. Think blue skies and pristine white linens. Safe to use multiple times a day to refresh and can be used on all body parts! For best results, pair with our Roll-On antiodorant.


Did you know we offer a 16oz refill option too. Save money and be kind to our Earth!

Willow Body – Fresh Cotton

  • Spritz 2-3 times on desired area. You may experience a slight tingling sensation if you use these products after shaving your armpits. This is normal and it will quickly dissipate. Also, remember that it is okay if your underarms are a little damp. Dampness does not mean there will be odor! Your essential body scent antiodorant will remove all bacteria, leaving you fresh and clean.

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