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Delicate yet refreshing. Awaken the senses with a light mist of green bamboo grass, tropical jasmine, and sweet yuzu. Inhale, and imagine drinking from a natural spring deep in the jungles of Thailand, surrounded by lush, vibrant flora and pure, trickling streams. Safe to use multiple times a day to refresh and can be used on all body parts! For best results, pair with our Roll-On antiodorant.


Did you know we offer a 16oz refill option too. Save money and be kind to our Earth!

Willow Body – Bamboo

  • Spritz 2-3 times on desired area. You may experience a slight tingling sensation if you use these products after shaving your armpits. This is normal and it will quickly dissipate. Also, remember that it is okay if your underarms are a little damp. Dampness does not mean there will be odor! Your essential body scent antiodorant will remove all bacteria, leaving you fresh and clean.

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