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Summertime in a bottle. Captures the wonder of sweet, youthful innocence. Nearly Naked is a hypnotic intermingling of soft florals, fresh berries, and coconut, with muted undertones of banana peel. Just spray and be reminded of sunny days spent sipping crisp lemonade and picking fresh flowers from the garden.


Essential body scents are also available in our 16 oz refillable bottles, 50 ml refillable roll-on, or 100 ml refillable roll-on.

Roll-on – Nearly Naked

  •  You may experience a slight tingling sensation if you use these products after shaving your armpits. This is normal and it will quickly dissipate. Also, remember that it is okay if your underarms are a little damp. Dampness does not mean there will be odor! Your essential body scent antiodorant will remove all bacteria, leaving you fresh and clean.

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