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Our Willow Hygiene Fabric spray is an all-natural antiodorant specially-formulated to neutralize odours that cling to household fabrics.


Use our Sport/Fabric solution to eliminate odours on:

  • Bedding and linens

  • Clothing

  • Rugs and carpets

  • Sports equipment and uniforms

  • Furniture

  • Pet toys, blankets, and bedding


All natural, safe for pets, 100% organic, no harsh chemicals


Scent: Fresh Laundry - a delightful blend of our Fresh Cotton and Spa scents. Ideal for adding clean, invigorating and long-lasting rejuvenation to any of your most-used materials.

Fabric Antiodorant Trial Spray

  • Shake gently before use. Hold approximately one foot away from the surface and spritz 6-8 times (or as desired).

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