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Sensual and exotic. This intoxicating blend of musk, myrrh, and spice will transport you to the rippling sand dunes of the Sahara desert. Ideal for those who want a warm, sumptuous and unforgettable scent. Made for both kings and queens.


Essential body scents are also available in our 16 oz refillable bottles, 50 ml refillable roll-on, or 100 ml refillable roll-on.

Roll-on – Egyptian Musk

  •  You may experience a slight tingling sensation if you use these products after shaving your armpits. This is normal and it will quickly dissipate. Also, remember that it is okay if your underarms are a little damp. Dampness does not mean there will be odor! Your essential body scent antiodorant will remove all bacteria, leaving you fresh and clean.

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